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Independence Day: Resurgence 2016

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We always knew they would come; After INDEPENDENCE DAY, the genre film event redefined, represents the next chapter epic global catastrophe of unimaginable; With recovered alien technology, the nations of the world have worked together on a huge defensive protection program; But nothing could prepare us for the advanced aliens and unprecedented; Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.

Quality: CAMRip

Format: AVI

Video codec: XviD

Audio codec: AC3

Video: 720×320 (1) fps, XviD ~ 1720 kbps avg

Audio: kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2/0 (L, R) ch, ~ 128 kbps -Russian

Translation: Professional (full duplication)

Subtitles: None

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Two decades after the first day of independence invaded the Earth is facing a new extrasolar threat. But mankind is new space defense enough?

Director: Roland Emmerich

Authors: Nicolas Wright (writer) James A. Woods (writer) | 9 more credits

Stars: Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman | Complete Cast Crew

Disc Information:

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Source: HD TS (CPG) Thanks bro!

Format: MKV

Menu: N0

Size: 1.74 GB

Video: 720×384

Audio: English AC3

Bitrate: 256 kbps

Channels: 2

Subtitles: Subtitles: English Custom Dutch Subs MMF

Translator: Theun known Gerald Nox

Work Done: Crazy


Independence Day: Resurgence 2016

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